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Welcome to Smart Vision Behavioural Optometry | Sydney

At our Smart Vision practices in Sydney we believe that your visual status and the way you interpret what you see does not depend solely on how clear your eyesight is, but also on your visual skills. We take a holistic approach in the treatment of vision problems in adults and children by involving our patients as active participants in the quest for maximum eye health and visual fitness.

Our optometrists have substantial experience working primarily in an expanded area of optometric practice called Behavioural Optometry, which looks at the functioning of the eyes and the brain as a complete package. As behavioural optometrists, we strive to have a transformational impact on our patient’s lives by using the latest eye health testing technology to achieve cutting-edge outcomes both in eyewear and visual performance.

With practices in Bondi, Mosman and Pennant Hills, our team is committed to helping you develop and enhance the visual skills needed to perform to potential at school, work and play, ensuring you see the world clearly and with maximum efficiency.

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