Behavioural Optometry


Behavioural Optometry is a philosophy of eyecare that assesses more than just eye health and clarity of sight. Efficiency of vision is where all the action occurs. It is an expanded area of optometric practice that looks at the functioning of the eyes and the brain as a complete package.

At our Smart Vision practices in Bondi, Mosman and Pennant Hills, we take a holistic approach in the treatment of vision and vision information processing. We believe that your visual status and the way you interpret what you see does not depend solely on how clear your eyesight is, but also on your functional and perceptual vision skills.

As Behavioural Optometrists, we involve our patients as active participants in the prevention of eye problems and the maintenance of maximum eye health and visual fitness. We not only consider the remediation of any eyesight difficulties; we consider the benefits of prevention, protection and enhancement of their visual system in order to improve all aspects of their visual performance.

Our goals are:

  • To develop and enhance the visual skills needed to achieve more effective visual performance at work and play
  • To provide remediation or compensation for vision or eye problems that may have already developed
  • To prevent vision problems and eye problems from developing

If you would like more information about how we can improve your vision and overall health, contact our Behavioural Optometrists in Sydney today.