Why Choose Smart Vision


Has your eyesight test left you feeling like you wanted something more? Did you feel like your vision needs have not quite been met? That is because an eyesight test is quite different to a comprehensive vision skills assessment. As Behavioural Optometrists, we not only focus on the functioning of the eye in terms of its health, optical blur and distance visual acuity; we also evaluate our patients’ vision skills.

As well as performing the 20/20 eye test for shortsightedness or farsightedness and astigmatism, we perform additional tests to determine our patients’ functional and perceptual vision skills. Functional vision skills influence the ease with which we use our eyes and the length of time we can visually concentrate without fatigue, while perceptual vision skills influence how well we recognize, recall and process the information we are seeing or reading.

All children that come to our practice have their vision assessed so as to determine whether their vision skills are preventing them from performing to potential. Adults experiencing symptoms such as reduced concentration, eye fatigue, headaches, nausea and excessive tiredness towards the end of the day are very likely to be experiencing a vision problem, which can be diagnosed through a comprehensive visions skills assessment and successfully treated.


Did you know that technology in the eye care industry changes about by 50% per year? That is why we use the latest technology for monitoring and assessing the health of our patients’ eyes, as well as providing early detection of eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal defects, diabetes and arteriosclerosis.

Our tests include:

  • Computerised visual field testing (perimetry) using advanced frequency-doubling technology to assess the health and function of the eye.
  • Retinal imaging enabling high-resolution digital photographs of the retina, optic nerve and associated blood vessels.

At Smart Vision Optometry, we have a special interest in premium lens technology by considering all aspects of vision accuracy and each patient’s individual lifestyle. We use cutting-edge equipment and computer analysis to offer the best possible vision, clarity and comfort. Learn more about our optical lenses, the exclusive i.Profiler technology and Orthokeratology, a non-surgical alternative to daytime contact lenses and glasses.


We believe the frames you wear say a lot about who you are. They should have a story to tell, reflect your personality and allow for your lifestyle. At Smart Vision Optometry, we promote a philosophy of constantly sourcing new, unique frames that stand out from the crowd.

Eyewear is one of the rare products that can have a fashion name attached to it without representing any of the quality of that brand. Our extensive range of frames is sourced from around the world, with a focus on boutique European and Australian designs made in small batches, which will generally not be found elsewhere. We pay particular attention to quality, design, colour and individuality across all price ranges.

Glamorous, ultra-modern, classic, retro, bold or delicate – our experienced and friendly dispensing opticians will help you find the perfect frame to compliment your features and suit your style, no matter how long it takes. We regularly hold fashion style nights where our patients can be the first to try on brand new designs and collections.