Children’s Vision

Making the world a more colourful place

Colour blindness is not something many of us think about much. In fact, it seems a pretty harmless and basic thing to have. I mean, if you are going to have so...

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Children’s Vision

Choosing Children’s Eyewear: Annalise’s Story

As if the day to day trials and tribulations of parenthood aren’t challenge enough, let's add another into the mix - choosing glasses for your child AND g...

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Children’s Vision

Is technology destroying our kids’ eyes?

Having watched my two young daughters become obsessed with the iPad has given me a very clear understanding of the insidious danger that technology presents for our children’s eyes...

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Children’s Vision

Changing the way you see the world

Today I lined two chairs up across the room directly facing each other. I then asked my patient to sit on one and look at the other. I asked him what he could tell me about it. He told me, i...

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Children’s Vision

Unleashing the love of reading through vision therapy

When reading or doing close work, a child’s eyes must turn in together (converge) for the words to be clear and single. This usually happens naturally. But for some children, the eyes do n...

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Children’s Vision

When the Parent Becomes the Therapist

Vision therapy entails a set program tailored to each individual child to help them develop efficient and automatic vision skills, enabling them to perform to their truest p...