Vision Therapy

Toe Walkers: How vision therapy can save your feet

  Toe walkers are those brilliant tiny people that begin walking as we all do – on tiptoes, so they can reach up and get at things that they probably should not be touching. Howev...

Vision Therapy

Changing the way you see the world

Today I lined two chairs up across the room directly facing each other. I then asked my patient to sit on one and look at the other. I asked him what he could tell me about it. He told me, i...

Vision Therapy

Unleashing the love of reading through vision therapy

When reading or doing close work, a child’s eyes must turn in together (converge) for the words to be clear and single. This usually happens naturally. But for some children, the eyes do n...

Vision Therapy

When the Parent Becomes the Therapist

Vision therapy entails a set program tailored to each individual child to help them develop efficient and automatic vision skills, enabling them to perform to their truest p...

Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy and Eye-Hand Coordination: Let’s Juggle!

There is research to suggest that a therapeutic goal should be to teach the child to acquire correct eye-hand coordination, as this represents a fundamental prerequisite for sensory ...