Teacher’s Resources

Teacher’s Resources

It can be very frustrating for a teacher to watch a student struggle in areas that may lead to poor self-confidence and avoidance strategies. Most of what we do as children and adults is directed by, explored by, and dependent upon a very well-functioning visual system.

Throughout the years, our Behavioural Optometrists have worked closely with several schools and teachers in educating them about our approach to vision problems and assisting children to learn to their potential. These are some of the services we offer FREE OF CHARGE to support schools and contribute to the wellbeing of our community:

  • Presentations to educators, teachers and trainers on how to identify potential eye conditions and vision disorders based on the child’s performance in the classroom and how to best assist children undergoing vision training in their learning outcomes.
  • Seminars to parents on the importance of a comprehensive eye examination to assess their child’s functional and perceptual skills, visual-motor development, eye tracking, focusing and coordination skills so they can feel good and be their best at school and play.
  • Comprehensive vision screenings at schools, performed by one of our Behavioural Optometrists. Unlike regular screenings, it has proven to be substantially more accurate and effective in the assessment and early detection of vision problems in children.

We also hold regular presentation evenings in our practices in Bondi, Mosman and Pennant Hills for parents, teachers, learning support coordinators and health practitioners interested in learning more about Behavioural Optometry and how it can change the way children and adults see the world.

If you wish to discuss how we can support your school, please fill out the form in our Contact Us page. If you would like to join our next Behavioural Optometry presentation evening, please click here to register your interest and we will send you further information.