Sports Performance


Many sports rely on the reception and processing of accurate visual information for superior performance. In tennis, for example, the receiver must be able to recognise important cues from the server’s action and be able to visually track the ball in flight to prepare for an appropriate return. In football, players must be able to identify opponents and teammates in their peripheral vision while controlling the ball.

Beyond athletic ability, improved visual abilities are a key to success in sports. The main visual skills necessary for peak athletic performance in many sports are:

  • Dynamic Visual Acuity (seeing moving objects clearly)
  • Eye Tracking (the ability to “keep your eye on the ball”)
  • Eye Focusing (the ability to change focus from one object to another quickly and clearly)
  • Peripheral Awareness (seeing out of the corner of your eye)
  • Depth Perception (the ability to quickly and accurately judge the distance and speed of objects)
  • Eye-Hand or Eye-Body Coordination (the ability to use our eyes to effectively direct the movements of our hands and body)

Sports vision training is done on a sport-specific basis with a custom tailored program for each sport and athlete. If you are having trouble getting to the next level in a particular sport or simply wish to enhance your performance, contact one of our Behavioural Optometry practices in Sydney today.