Chocolate and Eye Health
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The one thing you didn’t know about chocolate

It may be hard to believe, but Easter is just around the corner. Never mind the fact that it feels like yesterday we were making New Year’s resolution...

Anxiety-Attack-Symptoms copy
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Eye Have Anxiety

Over two million Australians live with anxiety, impacting their wellbeing, personal relationships, career and productivity. Anxiety affects 1 in 3 wom...

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Ready, set, go! How do you know if your child is ready for school?

The transition from preschool to big school is exactly that...BIG. It is a significant change for the child and the family. It is an achievement to be consider...

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It’s pollen season! How does it affect your eyes?

Well, it’s that time of year and if you are anything like our dear Brian here at Thompson Larter Smart Vision Optometry, then you are probably sniffling your...

Close-up Of A People Using Mobile Phone
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What is screen time doing to your eyes?

At the end of a long day, after hours staring at a computer screen, your eyes are exhausted. You try your best to step away from the screen, but it doesn’t t...

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Making the world a more colourful place

Colour blindness is not something many of us think about much. In fact, it seems a pretty harmless and basic thing to have. I mean, if you are going to have so...