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Toe Walkers: How vision therapy can save your feet

  Toe walkers are those brilliant tiny people that begin walking as we all do – on tiptoes, so they can reach up and get at things that they probably should not be touching. Howev...

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DYSLEXIA: How Much is Related to the Eyes?

There is an astounding amount of research showing coincidence of learning difficulties and dyslexia, and vision symptoms and problems. We see vision as different to sight

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The myopia boom – Are your glasses making your eyes worse?

Are you concerned that your child’s eyes keep getting worse year after year? It’s not without a reason. But there is something you can do to change this pattern and esc...

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The one thing you didn’t know about chocolate

It may be hard to believe, but Easter is just around the corner. Never mind the fact that it feels like yesterday we were making New Year’s resolution...

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Eye Have Anxiety

Over two million Australians live with anxiety, impacting their wellbeing, personal relationships, career and productivity. Anxiety affects 1 in 3 wom...

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Ready, set, go! How do you know if your child is ready for school?

The transition from preschool to big school is exactly that...BIG. It is a significant change for the child and the family. It is an achievement to be consider...