Smart Eye Testing

Advanced Eye Health & Disease Detection

We use advance technology for monitoring & assessing the health of your eyes. This equipment uses the latest technology for detecting very early eye health & general systemic issues such as potential glaucoma, brain tumors, macular degeneration, retinal defects, diabetes or arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

These tests include:

  • Computerised visual field testing using the latest frequency doubling technology
  • Retinal imaging enabling high resolution digital photographs of the retina, optic nerve &
    associated blood vessels.

These tests are performed when indicated. Photos are charged outside of Medicare and are routinely performed on all adults over 40. Visual field tests are usually bulk billed to Medicare when appropriate.

Advances in technology allow us to always ensure the solutions provide you and your family with the best possible outcome. Our team constantly research the latest developments in optometry, below you will see the most recent additions to Eyes InDesign to support our commitment to your health.

Allowing us the ability to quickly and efficiently photograph the pupil using an all in one system that takes the photo and displays the image instantly. This gives us the added benefit of providing quick diagnosis and accurate solutions, with the ability to provide early detection of eye health issues.

We believe this part of the examination to be the entry point to overall vision. So being able to have a clear image to the back of the retina along with a healthy retina and eyeball is only the first requirement of elite vision performance.

Our Smart Eyetesting and Smart Technology values play heavily in this area to use advanced methods to detect even the smallest eye health issue and seek appropriate prevention or treatment early before it can be too late.