Smart Vision Skills Assessment


  • Fatigue and reduced concentration
  • Poor reading comprehension and short attention span
  • Eye strain and headaches
  • Learning difficulties
  • Loss of place while reading
  • Coordination problems and clumsiness
  • Red and sore eyes
  • Nausea and motion sickness
  • Unusual head turn or body posture when reading or writing
  • Difficulty copying from the board
  • Letter and number reversals when writing

These are all symptoms of functional and perceptual vision difficulties.

Standard 20/20 eye tests and school screenings will assess visual acuity, which is the ability to see objects clearly at a distance. However, the act of seeing is just one small part of vision and learning. Vision skills are concerned with the ability of the eyes to concentrate and attend without mental effort and, subsequently, to process and decode what we see. Some children may present 20/20 eyesight, meaning normal distance vision, and still have functional and perceptual vision skill problems that are preventing them from performing to potential.

The Smart Vision Skills Assessment is different from standard eye exams because it looks at the functioning of the eyes and the brain as a complete package. In addition to the 20/20 eye test to detect shortsightedness or farsightedness and astigmatism, we perform different examinations to determine the status of:

  • Binocularity: Ability of the eyes to work together as a team
  • Oculomotility: Ability to track or follow a moving object
  • Accommodation: Ability to rapidly change focus from distance to near viewing
  • Visual Perception: Skills to understand what we see in the world around us
  • Visual-Motor Integration: Eye-hand-body coordination


The Smart Vision Skills Assessment allows us to detect and manage a wide range of vision problems including eye movement, focus, binocular eye coordination and visual perceptual deficits that interfere with the learning process. All children that come to our practices have a comprehensive eye examination so as to determine whether their vision skills are preventing them from performing optimally.

At Smart Vision Optometry in Sydney, our eye examinations use the latest computerised analytical testing methods developed by universities around the world to assess reading efficiency and visual performance including:

Functional Vision Skills influencing visual fatigue, efficiency and progressive shortsightedness:

  • Computerised eye tracking, eye teaming flexibility and facility
  • Divergence and convergence eye movement
  • Eye focusing flexibility and facility

Perceptual Vision Skills influencing understanding and decoding of what we see:

  • Visual form perception and recognition
  • Visual memory (static and sequential)
  • Visual attention span
  • Visual reading rate and fluency
  • London University coloured filter screener for reading and computer enhancement

If you wish to schedule a Vision Skills Assessment, please contact one of our Behavioural Optometry practices located in the Sydney suburbs of Bondi, Mosman and Pennant Hills. Book in for an eye examination and a consultation with one of our experts today.