Vision Skills Assessment


The act of seeing is just one small part of vision and learning. Vision skills are concerned with the ability of the eyes to concentrate and attend without mental effort and, subsequently, to process and decode what we see. This is true vision and these are all skills that follow after visual acuity.

As Behavioural Optometrists, we not only focus on the functioning of the eye in terms of its health, optical blur and distance visual acuity; we also evaluate our patients’ vision skills. As well as performing the 20/20 eye test for shortsightedness or farsightedness and astigmatism, we perform additional eye examinations to determine the status of:

  • Binocularity: Ability of the eyes to work together as a team
  • Oculomotility: Ability to track or follow a moving object
  • Accommodation: Ability to rapidly change focus from distance to near viewing
  • Visual Perception: Skills to understand what we see in the world around us
  • Visual-Motor Integration: Eye-hand-body coordination


All children that come to our practice have a comprehensive eye examination so as to determine whether their vision skills are preventing them from performing optimally. This eye test is essential for individuals with learning disabilities. However, they are not the only ones who can benefit from vision skills testing. What about children that are very bright and doing well at school, but are not performing to their own potential? We feel it is just as important that these children can be given the chance to improve.

At Smart Vision Optometry in Sydney, we use the latest computerised analytical testing methods developed by universities around the world to assess reading efficiency and visual performance including:

Functional Vision Skills influencing visual fatigue, efficiency and progressive short sightedness:

  • Computerised eye tracking, eye teaming flexibility and facility
  • Divergence and convergence eye movement
  • Eye focusing flexibility and facility

Perceptual Vision Skills influencing understanding and decoding of what we see:

  • Visual form perception and recognition
  • Visual memory (static and sequential)
  • Visual attention span
  • Visual reading rate and fluency
  • London University coloured filter screener for reading and computer enhancement

If you wish to schedule a Vision Skills Assessment, please contact one of our Behavioural Optometry practices located in sydney suburbs of Bondi, Mosman and Pennant Hills.