Premium Lens Technology

Premium Lens Technology

Why do lenses vary in price when they all look the same? There is more to lenses than meets the eye, as many built-in benefits are not visible at a glance. Our mission at Smart Vision Optometry is to help you understand the key features and benefits that can be built into your lenses and advise you on the best option to achieve optimum vision.

Eye comfort means a whole lot more today than what it represented to you and your family as recently as five years ago. Major advances in lens design and production now allow us to correct your vision as well as alterations in your prescription to enhance your visual function and efficiency.

Single Vision Lenses are the most commonly prescribed lens type. They have the same focal power over the whole lens, meaning they will allow you to see either up close or at a distance, but not both.

Multifocal lenses allow multiple distance correction with no visible lines, making them the most convenient solution for many viewing distances. While this lens type can be more costly due to their complexity, the latest sophisticated designs will deliver more seamless and natural vision, less distortion, and provide greater flexibility in frame choice over standard options.

There are in excess of 30 different designs of multifocal lenses available and they all have different qualities, which need to be carefully aligned with your particular individual lifestyle. Even those suffering the pangs of severe astigmatism no longer need to have unsightly thick lenses and can now enjoy superior vision, with thinner, cosmetically flattering high refractive lenses. Prescription lenses of the highest quality are also available with polarising filters or transition (sun changing) lenses for a sports or active lifestyle.

At Smart Vision Optometry, we don’t accept any compromises in lens fitting, quality and script accuracy from our suppliers, which are carefully selected from a plethora of available options. We only work with suppliers that are recognised as a benchmark for best practices in premium lens technology worldwide.

If you wish to learn more about the latest technology in lens prescription available at Smart Vision Optometry, visit the i.Profiler page.