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Are undetected vision problems affecting your child’s performance in school and sports? This FREE, 2-minute quiz is the first step to identify how effectively your child is performing visual tasks.

  • Check if there is a chance that your child may have a vision problem based on their unique symptoms.
  • This quiz is quick, hassle free and completely confidential.
  • You will gain immediate access to your child’s results and to any recommendations and further assessment avenues that are most suitable for them.

Which of the below symptoms has your child experienced lately?

 Blurred vision Sore, itchy or red eyes Inattention to visual detail Excessive tiredness after completing homework Avoids concentrated reading tasks Loss of place when reading Skips or repeats lines when reading Poor reading comprehension Short attention span Moves head excessively when reading Closes one eye when reading Complains of headaches and/or eyestrain Complains of words moving or floating on the page Clumsiness Unusual head turn or body posture when reading or writing Poor athletic performance Lack of coordination and balance Difficulty knowing right to left Writes from right to left of page Reverses letters and numbers when writing Difficulty learning the alphabet and sight words Confuses likeness and minor differences Mistakes words with similar beginnings Difficulty recognising the same word on a page Over-generalises when classifying objects Difficulty copying from the board Sloppy drawing and/or writing skills Difficulty to maintain consistent spacing between words and lines Oral performance is better than written or typed Knows the material but does poorly in tests Difficulty with rhyming activities Poor spelling ability Slow learning to match colours to their names Slow learning to match letters and numbers to their names Difficulty relating symbols to their sounds

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