Sports Eyewear

Sports Eyewear

Whether you take up a sport as a hobby or as a competitor, your vision plays an integral role in your performance on the field. Coordination, concentration, balance and accuracy are just a few of the vision-related skills required for good sports performance. Depending on the sport you play, sports sunglasses and protective eyewear can greatly enhance your game play and visual performance.


Selecting the right sunglasses for sport will greatly impact your performance on the sporting field. Consider the following features:

  • UV and glare protection offered by polarised lenses will help you maintain clear vision and good visual concentration while protecting your eyes from harsh UV rays. Polarised lenses will also enhance clarity, colour and overall visual depth.
  • Plastic frames will provide the most comfortable support as they are lightweight and impact resistant, providing good stability and safety. Choose nose bridges and temple grips which are non-slip as this will ensure your sunglasses remain in a stable position on your face throughout movement and when you are working up a sweat.
  • Wrap-around frame designs are best suited for sport, as it protects the whole eye area and prevents loose particles such as dust from entering the eyes.


Playing sport is a common cause of eye injuries across all age groups. Some sports require protective eyewear depending on the level of risk to your eyes, in particular:

  • High-speed ball sports
  • Squash
  • Indoor cricket
  • Team water sports
  • Gun sports

Protective eyewear can also be tailored to your prescription.


Orthokeratology is currently one of the most sought-after treatments in our Behavioural Optometry practices in Sydney, especially by sportspeople.

Also known as Ortho-K, this unique technology utilises custom-fitted contact lenses to improve vision through the reshaping of the cornea while you sleep. It is a safe, non-invasive and convenient process, which allows you the freedom to see clearly without daytime vision correction, since the lenses are worn overnight.

Ortho-K is ideal for swimmers, surfers, cyclists, runners or those who simply prefer not to wear glasses or contact lenses during the day. Like refractive surgery, Ortho-K gives clear unaided visual acuity; however, it has no surgical risks and is reversible.

Visit our Orthokeratology Sydney website for more information or contact our Sydney Smart Vision Optometry practices to schedule an Ortho-K consultation.